Sleeping is difficult during a zombie apocalypse. Most night are spent sleeplessly hiding behind locked doors and boarded windows clutching the deadliest weapon around and starring at the door anxiously. Allowing your body time to rest and recover will be crucial at a time like this. Sleep deprivation can cause hallucinations and will ultimately lead to getting bitten. So, how do you avoid zombies and get your rest at the same time? With a Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock you can hide in the trees. Way up high above the zombies while you rest and rock gently in the breeze. This 12oz hammock is compact and lightweight which makes it easy to carry and add to your Zombie Prep Kit. For a superlightweight hammock take a look at the Grand Trunk Nano-7 Hammock. It only weighs 7.4oz! Be sure to climb as high as possible when hanging your hammock, to be well above the reach of any persistent foe. If possible, surround the grove with a fence made of sharpened wood stakes or barbed wire. Adding an alarm string tied to the end of your toe will allow you to silently be notified if your fence is being disturbed.

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