What will you do when the lights are off, the power is out and the zombies are coming! You will kick-ass, that is what you are going to do!!! with the LED Lenser T7 Tatical or LED Lenser P7 Professional LED Flashlight. It has a 175 lumen brightness setting along with a low power setting of 27 lumens. This flashlight is ready to light up the night and any UN-wanted intruders. I purchased this flashlight recently and it is a must-have for any zombie prep kit. Its easy to use focusing system allows you to quickly and smoothly adjust the beam width. The accessories for this flashlight are great too! The signal cone allow for super bright signaling to let the rescue helicopter know where you are, or just let the kids play with it as a lightsaber. The remote switch and filter set make this flashlight perfect for personal or tactical use, just make sure you get extra roll protection for each filter (get 3 of these) so you can keep your filters safe! (The filters pop into the roll protection for easy color switching) This flashlight is also made to fit a standard 30mm rifle mount and when used with the remote switch can turn your rifle into the ultimate nighttime zombie defense weapon!

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LED lenser T7 and P7 Flashlight