Evading zombies will be a crucial part of surviving the zombie apocalypse.  Being able to hide from, and evade zombies, will be essential to surviving.  Destroying zombies one-at-a-time or in small groups may be an easy task for a talented prepper.  Avoiding a hoard of zombies is another story!  Make a Zombie Distractor (Indoor Version, aka DJ Roomba!) and use it to confuse them.
To make a Zombie Distractor you will need the following:

Step 1:  Charge Roomba to full power.

Step 2:  Load Mp3 Player with the loudest, most obnoxious music you can find.

Step 3:  Plug Mp3 Player into Battery Powered Speaker.

Step 4: Use Ductape to securely attach the Mp3 Player & Battery Powered Speaker to the top of the Roomba.

Step 5:  Deploy inside abandoned house or building away from your main camp.  Zombies will hear the noise and chase the distractor.  This should give you an opportunity to trap and explode them, or escape!

Dj Roomba