If it is good enough for Bear Grylls then it is good enough for me… to kill zombies with! The Gerber Bear Grylls Full-Size Parang Machete or Compact Parang Machete both feature a sharp blade and nylon sheath. This machete has a unique design that allows it to make quick work of brush, trees or zombie limbs. The weight on the end make it feel more like swinging a hatchet than a machete and you can even use it to chop logs for your campfire. I used the compact version of this machete to clean a bunch of brush in the backyard recently. I ended up nicking the blade quite a bit because I was hitting the ground and the rocks but despite the damage the machete still cuts cleanly through branches. I can only imagine how devastating this tool could be to an attacking zombie and its diverse uses makes it a necessary tool to add to your zombie survival kit! It is also found in the Apocalypse Survival Kit.

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Bear Grylls Parang Machete