WARNING:  Always wear proper eye protection.  Always obey to the Referee.  Never shoot anyone in the face!  Obey all rules.  Play nice and be fair!

How to Play Nerf Zombies:
You need: 6+ Players

  1. Divide Players Into Two Equal Teams.  This can be done by forming a line and having each person count off: ‘one’, ‘two’, ‘one’, ‘two’…
  2. Flip a Coin:
    Heads – one’s are Zombies, two’s are Avengers
    Tails – two’s are Zombies, one’s are Avengers
  3. Avengers choose a weapon.  You are only allowed one weapon per player.  Nerf guns are typically used but your can also play with Super-Soakers, Splash-Bombs or Water-Balloons.  All weapon must be inspected by a Ref prior to play.  The Ref will decide if full-auto Nerf weapons or only single shot Nerf guns will be used.
  4. Avenger Objective:  Shoot the zombies.  Every time you shoot a zombie they must count to ten aloud in their best zombie voice before continuing.  (For a faster game zombies may count to five.)
    Zombies Objective:  Tag the Avengers and turn them into Zombies.  Once an Avenger is tagged they must immediately put their weapon down, become a Zombie and start tagging other Avengers.
  5. The last Avenger standing wins that round!
  6. The teams then switch roles and play again.
  7. For the final round, the top players play as the Avengers and everyone else as Zombies.

Rules:  The rules can be modified, added to or changed on a per-game basis as needed.

  1. No Running!  Everyone must walk, just like at the pool.
  2. Do not shoot anyone in the face!  This is an important safety rule!
  3. You may not shoot a Zombie that closer than an arms length away… if they are that close, you are about to be tagged and become a Zombie anyway!
  4. You may not shoot a Zombie who is counting.
  5. Zombies are not allowed to bite, hit or tackle when tagging Avengers.
  6. Avengers are not allowed to block or aggressively evade once cornered by the Zombies.
  7. Once an Avenger has become a Zombie and put their weapon down another Avenger may opt to pick it up and trade weapons, however he must put his weapon down first prior to picking up the new weapon.
  8. Ammo is dispersed by the Ref and may vary from game to game depending on the amount of players.  Typically each Avenger should be allowed at-least one full clip of darts.
  9. Players are allowed to pickup ammo from the field.
  10. Stalemate:  A time limit can be set to limit each round.  Round time will vary depending on the total number of players.
  11. Always listen to the Ref!

Remember to play safe and always have fun!
It’s not about winning or loosing, it’s about having fun!


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Please note:  after writing this post I have read about humans vs zombies.  Nerf zombies differs as it is meant to be played with short rounds and not over days.  The rules may always be modified by the Referee.

Go get your friends together, play Nerf Zombies, have fun and be safe!
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