What is the best crossbow to have during a zombie apocalypse?
Ten Point Crossbow Technologies are a world class crossbow manufacturer. Their crossbows are efficient, reliable, and give you the ability to re-use ammo. This makes them the perfect apocalyptic weapon. 2013 brings the release of a brand new model the TenPoint Vapor. This crossbow is the ultimate zombie destroyer.  It has a 6.8lb lightweight design which makes it easy to pack.  Its 165lb draw weight will launch arrows 360 fps (feet per second) towards the target.  If this isn’t enough to convince you to want this crossbow, watch the following video:

If the TenPoint Vapor is out of your price range, you do have another great option in new crossbow technology. The TenPoint Stealth SS is one of Ten Point’s lightest and most compact crossbow designs.  This makes it great for navigating corners and small spaces.  It also makes it an easy 6.8lb lightweight choice to include with your gear.  It’s 185lb draw weight can launch arrows up to 350 fps.  All this power packed into a compact design makes this weapon a great choice to include in your zombie prep kit.

As an alternative to the TenPoint Stealth SS you may also consider the TenPoint Tactical XLT.  This design integrates aircraft grade aluminum which makes it a lightweight 7.3lbs and extremely durable.  It is ready to survive the harsh environment the zombie apocalypse will provide.  It also features 185 lb draw wight and will launch arrows up to 350 fps.  The sleek design makes it a desirable weapon for any zombie prepper.

The patented TenPoint ACUdraw 50 Cocking Device makes loading your crossbow a breeze, even with a high draw weight.  I highly recommend ensuring this device is added to your crossbow.
I have owned a TenPoint Crossbow and not only do they create a high quality device, they also provide great customer service and quick repairs.

Which crossbow will you choose?

TenPoint Vapor