Scenario:  The zombies have taken over.  The largest metropolis were the first to go.  Places like Houston, New York, San Francisco are impossible to escape from as hoards of zombies fill the streets laying waste to any living creature in their path.  The military tried to stop them.  They did everything they could, but while attempting to find a cure they were overrun as well.   Washington is shut down, the President was immediately evacuated to the Air Force One – Advanced Airborne Command Post.  Running a country while escaping a zombie outbreak creates a difficult situation, especially when nobody at the pentagon is responding.  Congress was in session, but the zombies got there before they could escape.  Even our Senators have joined the undead in their plight of destruction.

What do you do when the government shuts down and zombies take over?

  • Stay Calm – This is the first rule of any life threatening situation.  Panic can cause you to loose focus and make mistakes.  Stay calm, keep a clear head, concentrate on breathing, and focus on surviving.
  • Leave The City – Gather your family and supplies and get out of the city as quickly as possible.  Martial law will be in effect and any stranger can be a threat to your survival.  Don’t stand and fight, get out as quickly as you can!
  • Regroup – Once you are away from the city and in a safe location you need to regroup.  Check for injuries, make sure nobody has been bitten, take inventory of supplies, and calculate rations.
  • Make Camp – Look for a secure place to make camp,  an abandoned building is best.  A building made of cinder blocks or concrete will be the most secure.  Board up all the windows and weak openings and make sure all doors are properly secured and reinforced.  Having a water source nearby could mean the difference between surviving and dehydration.  Do not make any open fires, loud noises or do anything to draw attention to yourself or your group.  Schedule a watch and change guards every hour to ensure they are alert to danger.  Use guns as a last resort and conserve ammunition.
  • Plan Your Escape – By now, every major city is overrun and it seems as if there is no place to run… and hiding is only prolonging the inevitable.  Your best chance of survival is to find a place where the zombies can’t survive easily.  Their uncoordinated movement will make it difficult to climb mountains or swim in a lake or ocean.  Decide on a location and determine the least populated route to get there.  Make sure you have enough supplies and gas for the journey before packing up and heading out.

just because the government is shut down and the zombies are taking over doesn’t necessarily ensue the end of the world as we know it….
think about it as a vacation!

Zombie Government