The streets are filled with the walking dead and zombies attack any living creature they find. This makes assembling weapons quite difficult, if you are not prepared.
At a time like this you will need to utilize what is available. The items needed to create a Zombie Devastator can be found in a typical suburb garage or tool shed.

*WARNING: Zombie Prep Kit takes no responsibility for any injuries that may occur when making or using a Zombie Devastator. recommends that this weapon should only be made in the event of an actual zombie apocalypse to defend yourself against the attacking undead. in no way endorses the creation or use of this item for any other method or purpose than: zombie defense in the event of an apocalypse.*

To begin you will need the following:

There can be variations depending on what tools are available. I have seen a devastator made with a machete blade instead of a saw blade, or if you can’t find a bolt long enough you can use deck screws. Just follow the assembly directions, or modify them as needed.

  1. Make A DevastatorMeasure the radius of your saw blade.
  2. Measure 1in – 2in less the radius of the saw blade from the fat end of the bat.
    For Example: If the diameter of the saw blade is 7 1/4in then the radius is 3 1/8in so measure aprox. 2in back.
    If the diameter is 10in then for a 5in radius measure 3in – 4in back from the end.
  3. Drill a hole.
  4. Make A DevastatorSaw down from the end of the bat so that the saw blade fits and allows the bolt to attach through the middle.
  5. Make sure you don’t saw too far, the idea is to make sure the blade does NOT spin once embedded in the end of the bat.
  6. Attach the bolt and fasten tightly so the blade doesn’t spin.If your saw blade allows it, you may be able to measure and drill a second bolt hole to add further rigidity to the blade.
  7. Get some pumpkins and have some zombie smashing practice!