If you watched the recently aired The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 2 you know about JSS or Just Survive Somehow.   I hope that got you thinking about survival and how you would survive the Zombie Apocalypse.  Will you be properly prepared when things hit the fan and everything has spiraled out of control?

What is the answer to JSS?

Mega Patrol.

Mega Patrol is an armored personnel carrier based on the Ford F550 chassis.  This tank of a vehicle is just the monster you need to prepare for impending doom!  It features a high level of ballistic and blast resistance armor so it can handle anything the Wolves or anyone else tries to throw at it.  With a rotating armored machine gun turret you can take out the undead or any other threat without fear of being overrun!  You can cruise down the highway or go off road without issue.  It even features a built-in shovel for burying the dead. When it comes to the interior you can customize your vehicle however you please.  I recommend reading my article:  Must-have items to carry in your vehicle to survive the Zombie apocalypse.

With the Mega Patrol you won’t be thinking: “Will I survive the apocalypse,”
but rather, “will the apocalypse survive me?”






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