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The most recent episode of The Walking Dead has raised a huge question that I’m sure all the fans are wondering:

I believe that all your question will be answered during Season 6 Episode 4 which is set to air Sunday November 1st, 2015 at 8pm CST on AMC.

This episode will feature the story of Morgan Jones and may once and for all answer the question that is on everyone’s mind:

What is up with Morgan’s tattoo?!?!?

The tattoo first appears on Season 1 Episode 1 when Rick takes Morgan to the police department and they take a hot shower:

Morgan's Tattoo

While Rick and Morgan are talking we get a closer look:

Morgan Tattoo

Morgans Tattoo


I noticed the uncanny resemblance between this tattoo and Morgan’s undead wife Jenny!

2015-10-29 12_21_30-Netflix


This tattoo seems to raise a number of questions:

  • Is this tattoo actually of Jenny?
  • Did Morgan get the tattoo after Jenny turned?
  • Did he modify a previous tattoo to look like her after she turned?
  • Why did he get such a horrible looking tattoo in the first place?
  • Is it really Jenny or is it a shrunken voodoo head?

Morgan may have got the idea from the HallowInk episode of Spike TV’s Ink Master where they tattooed human canvases with images of their wives as Zombies!!!!!



Hopefully these and many more questions will be answered this coming Sunday when Episode 4 premieres on AMC at 8pm CST!!!!

If you haven’t caught up on the previous seasons of The Walking Dead now is the time!

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